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In a hyper competitive market, hoteliers must reinvent to stay relevant. While data can offer guidance as to how, information flowing in from multilingual, multiple platforms, and complex eCRM systems can just as easily complicate efforts. Criterion Global helps make data relevant to your business. Versed in teasing out meaningful insight from big data and real-time analytics, our media-buying grows brand presence and lends insight into how to drive bookings.


hotel media buying with criterion global

Part ad agency and part consultancy, Criterion Global provides comprehensive business strategies. Promoting effectivity over waste, we generate lean and targeted hotel media buying strategies that yield high ROI. Our technical assets allow us to perform responsive media buying and gauge market trends, providing information that allows your brand to make informed and farsighted decisions.

Glean meaningful insights from our local experts in New York City, Miami, Mumbai, and Shanghai (Q1 2014). Work with an agency that understands emerging markets. Partner with our hospitality, travel, and luxury specialists.

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